The team

Erica Winward
She is the owner and founder of R.E.A.L Craft Cocktails. She has over 5 years of mixology experience and is a master at combining just the right ingredients to get that perfect drink. She has done numerous events from wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, cookouts, and small personal gatherings. She also promotes her skills every last Saturday of the month at The Monday Club with live music from local bands.

Casandra Norton

She has been pouring it up for 17 years and counting and she has over 10 years of bar management experience. She loves what she does and she can mix you up anything that the whole party will love. She is currently putting her mixing and management skills to use at Antonio’s Ballroom on Marsh Rd in DE.

Keisha Crumpler

Keisha is one of your favorite startenders, with over 6 years of service. She’s worked at a few local watering holes, including Sharp Shooters, Shades of Blue, Grayhouse, and Miller’s Ale house. She’s great at customizing drinks according to a person’s style, taste, and preference. She is a fun and free-spirited person to work with. Always a pleasure and professional at all times.